Andyland Fartanchi (softballgrl221) wrote in mi_hansonfans,
Andyland Fartanchi

I'm new : ]

This is exciting! A whole community on Hanson.
You just can't get any better. 8]
Well hmm....I don't really know what to write in here
but I'm really excited anyway.
I absolutely love Hanson.
They're definetly my favorite band<3

Well I guess if there's anything else you need to know,
Just holler. 8)

Um..I tried looking for Hanson concerts here in MI.
But I couldn't find any. Am I just stupid or are
they really not playing right now?
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Hey! Where in Michigan are you? (If you don't mine me asking.)

There isn't usually a whole lot going on in this community... there are a bunch of other Hanson communities though that are more active.

And Hanson isn't touring right now.

heh. oops. *mind

yea i figured they weren't touring. :/ bummer

i'm in the metro detroit area.
i'm not going to go specific though.
I'm in metro Detroit too :)
what communities should I join that are more active than this one?
The one that I'm in that is the most active is just called hanson. There are a bunch of others, if you just search the interests all the different communities for Hanson and Hanson related things will come up :)
alright. thanks.
i was thinking about joining hanson also.
thank you
Welcome to this inactive community!

I'm Dayton from Taylor!
hey you live in Taylor... did you or do you go to Kennedy or Truman?
Truman! too...what year?

Daytons not my real name, LoL. Its Cory.
really im class of 03 too!
I live in St. Clair Shores!

Go Hanson fans! haha.
I live really close to you.

But I don't like to say where cuz I'm paranoid. :p

Yes....GO HANSON FANS! lol