Stevie Lennon (domanivalia) wrote in mi_hansonfans,
Stevie Lennon

How did Hanson 10 Years Project get started?

Carried over from the *NSYNC fandom (nsync_10 ), we wanted to celebrate Hanson's 10 year anniversary as well. 10 Years of Mmmbopping, 10 years of amazing live preformances, and 10 years of dedication from both Hanson and their fans.

Our goal? To put an ad in Billboard reminding them we still <3 them. The ultimate would be a full page color ad, but depending on how much money we raise it might end up being a half page color, full page black & white, or a half page black & white ad. Another big part of this project is the awareness and contributions to the Prenatal Care HIV Unit at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto S. Africa. Yes, we want to tell Hanson we love them, we love their music, we support them, it's been ten wonderful years, Zac, I'll have your babies, and we're hoping for ten more. But we also want to raise awareness and contributions for this great cause that Hanson has brought our attention to with their Great Divide video, and single available on iTunes as well. Where's the Love? It's right here. Still Mmmbopping with big-toed-bald men from Milwaukee.

We don't have much time, and it's going to take a lot of moola, but some of us are very passionate about this and really want to see this happen! It'd be wonderful to show them insanity and fansons are still in love with the music.

We hope that if you are a fan of Hanson, you'll join. Because even if you can't contribute financially (hey, even one of the mods can't do much) then we'll definatlly appreciate you on the creative team. This ad will represent all Hanson fans, so if you can be a part of it, you should.

Also, I know this part will be difficult but bare with me, we'd like to keep this as secret as possible. Secret from Hanson that is. We'd love to SURPRISE them with this ad at a concert or M&G, or the like. So please, if you think you know someone who knows someone who once dated someone who knows a Taylor poser, or if you snoop around for Hanson, or if you actually do know them, please don't tell them. We want to surprise them!

Finally, all money raised that does not go directly into creating the ad (be it extra money, or if we don't make enough for the ad) will be donated to the Prenatal HIV Research Unit (PHRU) at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, South Africa. There will also be a note of this in the ad, as well as contact and donation information if Billboard readers also want to contribute.

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